Our Moraine Springwater



Morene Springwater

  • Pearl-clear spring water straight from nature's own treatment plant, through the enormous moraine masses that the ice ages built up from the Norwegian mountains down to the North Sea.
    Morene Kildevann is soft, fresh and healthy. And complies with all requirements.




Here you can see what Morene Springwater contains.
Mineral content in mg / l:

TDS - 70/130/110 mg/l - NS-EN 15216 (Raw water)

Sodium/Na - 10,9 mg/l

Magnesium/Mg - 3,5 mg/l

Nitrate - 1,3 mg/l

Sulfate/So4 - 8,07 mg/l

Hardness - 2,4 dH

pH - 6,4/7,2 pH

 Potassium - 1,18 mg/l

Bicarbonate/HCO3 - 59,2 mg/l



Bottle and label types

We currently have these two types of bottles in our range. We meet all requirements for approvals from authorities and agencies.

We are a registered trademark and are key ready