About Morene Springwater

We are located in Rogaland county, and we were so lucky that we found water here by chance. After further investigation, we found that this was pure spring water of the best variety.
The spring water is protected from pollution and external influences, as moraine layers from the ice ages protects it and act as a huge filter. This is one of the reasons why our water tastes so incredibly beautiful. The water has a fresh constant temperature of 4 degrees Celsius.
We decided to launch the brand, and then we designed the bottle and label.
Morene Springwater is soft, fresh and healthy. Everyone should have the pleasure of drinking this water!
We have guidelines on how much we can produce per day to take care of nature. Environment is something that is very important to us in Morene Kildevann. The source contains approximately 600 million liters and is filled continuously. We also follow all requirements, and have procedures in relation to laboratory tests.
The nature takes care of bringing the springwater out from the well, we do not have any pumps or such which makes having less co2 footprint and securing you the best quality and taste.


A couple of videos from us